Location & History

A front view of Grimsthorpe Castle location for the GrimReaper UltraMarathon
The GrimReaper UltraMarathon has gained a loyal following year on year and has proved hugely popular. Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire, is the fantastic venue for the event.

The Grimsthorpe Estate is a beautiful park and garden in Lincolnshire is a large quadrangular house with a courtyard as it's centrepiece.

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Public Transport To Estate

Grantham is the nearest train station to the estate (approx 20 minutes by car from station to estate.) Unfortunately there is no bus service to Grimsthorpe estate. Alternatively you can get a train to Petertborough , then the bus (Delaine bus company) to Bourne and then a taxi from Bourne to the estate (3 miles from Bourne to Grimsthorpe)

Camping Prices

Those wishing to camp on the Thursday evening will be able to gain access to the estate during the day on Thursday but will only be able to set up their tent from 6pm. We will be charging for this Thursday night stay upon your arrival and will only accept cash. Exact amount will be confirmed closer to the race date. Friday night camping is included in the entry fee. You will not be able to camp on Saturday night (Estate rules).